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Social Media is one of the biggest outlets of Marketing and most people are not sure how to use it to their advantage. We have helped many brands establish, maintain, and grow their Social presence.

What do we offer?

Full Service Social Media Package

Social Media is an interesting subject to address as a service. This is in part due to the fact that many underestimate its potential and effectiveness while some underestimate the scope and difficulty of it.

Almost everyone has Social Media now which leads them to believe that they can manage/run their own accounts. However, many fail to understand that Social Media (especially for businesses) is a calculated skill and more involved than simply posting pictures with hashtags or uploading videos/stories. 

Our Social Media experts start out by either setting up your accounts or doing a full audit to see where your current accounts stand. Then we create an action plan in which we outline the scope of work, direction of content, and desired outcome. Finally, using our years of experience and special tools at our disposal, we execute our action plan in order to manage and grow your Social footprint and exposure. 

Each business/brand is different and most have different audiences. While we have some practices that we employ accross all clients accounts no two accounts are treated the same. Our goal is to not only grow your accounts but to optimize them for the correct audiences to increase engagement. 

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Full Service Social Media
A La Carte Services

à La Carte Services

Already have a Social Media plan in place but looking to fill in some gaps? No worries we are here to help. Our Social Media experts would be happy to provide any of our services à la carte.

Choose form services such as content creation, content scheduling, automated content publishing, or our must popular service the account growth package which focuses on not just growing your following but increasing your contents engagement.

We make sure to do an audit of all accounts before providing any à la carte services in order to make sure that services will be useful and right for your particular accounts. 

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Social Media Advertising

Social Media is one of the largest forms of advertising at the moment.  If you use social media you’ve seen the ads before. They usually appear as “sponsored ads” and are usually (not always) from an account you do not follow. People old and young spend hours a day on their phones scrolling through different social networks and those social networks make money by serving them ads the networks believe they are interested in. 

A major factor of the success of this type of marketing is the vast amounts of data these social networks have collected on every single person. Scary we know, but these social networks know us better than those closest to us. Some of this data is collected from your browser history and some collected through your amazon searches etc.

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Social media Advertising

Why Choose Us?

If it isn’t already clear, we take pride in working with companies and helping them grow. We measure our success not by the quantity of clients we have or the amount of money we make, but the success and growth of our clients businesses. 

Social Media is where we started so we are well-versed in growing accounts, increasing engagement, and advertising! It is so important to us that every person on our team has hands on experience managing social media accounts for clients.

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We are happy to help and excited to meet new people, learn about their businesses, and help them grow and flourish within their industry and respective markets.

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Part of our job is to address any questions or concerns you may have that would enable us to build a strong partnership supported by a strong foundation of trust and satisfaction.

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