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Need a website? Or already have a website but in need of a refresh, update, or change? We can help!

What do we offer?

Complete Web Design and Development

Need a website built for a business and/or company? We got you covered from start to finish. Starting with the registration of your domain name all the way to the development and maintenance of the final product. 

The best part is that you get a say! Everyone is different and we love that, which is why we want your site to be exactly the way you envisioned it! Before we start we make sure to discuss your vision for the site starting with the color schemes all the way to the different fonts and flows you would like to see. 

We take our time to make sure your site is not only aesthetically pleasing but also mobile/tablet responsive. Some sites have reported to have more than 80% percent of their traffic come from mobile phones. So we want to make sure your site looks and acts amazing on a Desktop, Mobile Phone, and a Tablet. 

Our designers and developers are also well-versed in marketing. As a result, your website is optimized in a manner that focuses on increasing and growing your business!

Need a website? Ready to get started? Or have some questions/concerns? Click on the link below, fill out our contact form, and an Alchemist Media group representative will contact you as soon as possible!

Web Design & Web Development
Redesign Refresh & Update

Website redesign, refresh, and/or update

Already have a website but looking to update or improve it? We can help! A lot of web pages are old and outdated and some are just plain ugly. Times change and so should your website. Whether or not you need a full web page redesign, a face lift, or just need to update your site to reflect more current information, we can get it done!

We like to use your brands identity (colors, fonts, etc.) to make sure your website is consistent with your brand and looks aesthetically pleasing. We work with you to make sure your site is something you can be proud of!

Ready for an upgrade? Click on the link below, fill out our contact form, and an Alchemist Media group representative will contact you as soon as possible

let us design your website
or e-commecre store

What Programs & Languages do we support?

WordPress, Joomla, Shopify & More

The future is here and building websites is no longer a combination of pictures, equations, and codes. More than 70% of web pages are built using whats called “Website Builders” or “CMS” (Content Management Systems).  These programs eliminate the need to code a web page from the ground up. Now this does not mean that coding skills are not required, it just means we get to spend less time playing around with the code and more time making the site aesthetically pleasing and mobile responsive. 

The three most popular Website Builders are 1. WordPress, 2. Wix, and 3. Shopify. These systems are popular because they are more interactive and most are open source. In theory, any skilled web developer can edit, change, and/or update a website that was created by another developer. Each site has endless possibilities because there are endless plugins available for developers. For example: need an E-Commerce site? No problem you can easily use Shopify or an E-Commerce plugin on WordPress! 

At Alchemist Media Group, our developers are skilled and have years of experience creating, editing, and updating web pages using these programs. 

Ready to let us build the perfect site for you using one of these systems? Click on the link below now.

Wordpress Joomla Shopify & More

HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP

Looking to have a website designed and built out but not a fan of Website Builders or Content Management Systems? Not a problem. 

Even though we highly recommend using one of these programs we don’t shy away from straight coding. This option is a lot more involved, very tedious, and in turn a lot more expensive. 

Some businesses/companies may have no choice but to go this route which is why we have skilled developers who have coded websites from scratch. 

Lets get your custom coded website built! Click on the link below and one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.

Why Choose Us?

If it isn’t already clear, we take pride in working with companies and helping them grow. We measure our success not by the quantity of clients we have or the amount of money we make, but the success and growth of our clients businesses. 

Our team of developers are highly skilled and have years of experience in coding, web design, web development, and customer service. Each project is handled with the upmost care to make sure that our clients are completely satisfied and their business is left thriving. 

Ready to Start?

We are happy to help and excited to meet new people, learn about their businesses, and help them grow and flourish within their industry and respective markets.

Take the next step by filling out our contact form and our team will reach out to collectively determine whether our agency is the right fit for you.

Questions? Concerns?

Part of our job is to address any questions or concerns you may have that would enable us to build a strong partnership supported by a strong foundation of trust and satisfaction.

Feel free to submit any questions or concerns by filling out our contact form and we will reach out to you as soon as we can. Please include your contact information and a brief description so the right team member can contact you with further assistance. 

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